La respuesta de Abel Martínez sobre posibilidad de ser vicepresidente de Leonel Fernández

Abel Martínez’s response on the possibility of being vice president of Leonel Fernández

consulted on “street rumors” of the possibility that it is co-worker of ticket of Leonel Fernandez looking at the 2024 electionsthe aspiring candidate presidential for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martinezlet between see that his aspiration is not vice-presidential.

“I was president of the Chamber of Deputiesand I was never vice president of the Chamber of Deputies. Now I am Mayor of Santiago de los Caballeros and i never I was vice mayorAbel said.

“We are running for president.of the Republic for the Dominican Liberation Party. Our political formation us calls to give ourselves body and soul for the strengthening of the party and because the party comes to power in 2024,” said the PLD mayor in Santiago.

Likewise, he initially stated that his relationship with former President Leonel Fernández remains intact and that both are currently active in different parties.

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My mentor was Professor Juan Bosch. I have great admiration, respect, appreciation for the doctor Leonel Fernandez Reyna. When he was in the PLD I always supported him. We keep that friendship, that is non-negotiable. He is in a different party to mine. There are no personal differences we militate in parties different”, he pointed out Abel Martinez.


Also a member of PLD Political Committeeexpressed that today that organization is is positioned above the government party.

“Years and a half ago when speak of PLD there was fear leaves Abel Martinez to tour the country, we were at 13% and now we’re above the Modern Revolutionary Party. The PLD is he party of the immediate future to get on track and correct the error that a large part of Dominicans putting the PRM in power“, he claimed Abel Martinez by participating in the program “It’s still early with Jochy”.

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