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Abel Martínez warns that the start of the school year in the DR is uncertain and discouraging

Abel Martínez warns that the start of the school year in the DR is uncertain and discouraging

National District.- The presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Abel Martínez, defined as “uncertain and discouraging” the outlook for the start of the school year in the country and lamented that the education of future high school graduates continues to be put at stake.

During a tour of various sectors of constituency three of the National District, Martínez recalled that it was in the Dominican capital “where the first yellow umbrellas were opened, being the cradle in which the just struggle for 4% for education was born.”

“The government’s failed attempt to divert funds from the 4% allocation for education not only made it clear that they are willing to violate the Constitution and the laws, which is dangerous, but also demonstrates their usual inability to execute efficiently the nation’s budget,” said Abel, who had the responsibility as president of the Chamber of Deputies, to approve the national budget that consecrated for the first time, the 4% item, “a conquest of the Dominican people that under no concept should be lacerated”.

Abel Martínez expressed concern upon seeing that the start of the school year is just around the corner and parents have not received school supplies or uniforms, and that student enrollment is not guaranteed.

“You are playing with education, which is the basis for the development of peoples, because there is no way to advance without educating. Just days before classes start, more than half of the educational centers do not have the necessary teaching staff, and more than 80% do not have the administrative staff they require, who are the ones who work in the organization, planning and their day-to-day development. If that is not disability and lack of management, then someone tell me what to call him,” said Abel Martínez.

The tall political leader He assured that the problem of the classroom deficit caused by not giving continuity to the construction of infrastructures that were at more than 60% at the departure of the PLD government, is now added to the thousands of families that have had to migrate from the private education system. to the public.

“More than 50% of the educational establishments are full, which puts at risk the right that our children and adolescents have to receive the bread of education; a right enshrined in our Constitution.

And not to mention school breakfast and lunch, because so far they are not guaranteed either. The fact that thousands of parents are stopping sending their children to private schools to go to the public sector is one more sign that the current government has decided to bury the Dominican middle class and make the poor poorer, with fewer possibilities. that their rights are guaranteed,” Abel assured.

Abel Martínez’s tour took place in constituency three of the National District, where he shared with the leadership of the PLD and residents of the sectors, Villas Agrícolas, Simón Bolívar, Las Cañitas, Gualey, Guachupita, and Villa Consuelo.

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