Abel Martínez: “El pueblo no votará por el que se vende, ni por el que compra”

Abel Martínez: “The people will not vote for the one that is sold, nor for the one that buys”

Puerto Plata.- The presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martínez, affirmed that the ruling party faces certain defeat in the two electoral contests of 2024, despite the scenario of buying and selling of leaders that have been established by the government .

Martínez predicted that the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) will widely win the municipality and later the presidential elections in the first round and the congressional ones with a comfortable margin.

“The PRM government is making a wrong calculation because buying mayors does not mean that they buy the people and it should be noted that the municipal candidacies that we have the safest are precisely where they have bought PLD mayors, because that does not mean that they have bought dignity of those who live there, the conscience of the citizen is going to be inclined towards whoever presents the best offer and the best idea so that their city and their municipality remain in safe hands and they will definitely not vote for the one that is sold or for the one that buys” , he expressed when approached by the press.

Abel Martínez reported that more than 600,000 new members have joined the PLD and that this political organization currently has the largest organic structure made up of intermediate committees, base committees, as well as provincial, municipal and real municipal district directorates in every corner of the country. country, therefore, “nothing can make the PRM lose the shameful defeat they will face in 2024.”

“In Santiago de los Caballeros we are first of all very far from the government candidate; in the 14 provinces of Cibao we have a significant advantage and at a national level we are competing with the first place very closely”, indicated Martínez, assuring that this is also due to the intense process of renewal of the structures throughout the national territory, turning the Yellow Star Party is the most powerful electoral force in the Dominican Republic.

Position on the Dominican diplomatic delegations

During the tour carried out in Puerto Plata, where Abel Martínez held meetings with representatives of the Catholic Church, as well as with professionals, youth, community members and members of the press, the presidential candidate expressed his position on what work should be of the members of the country’s diplomatic delegations abroad.

“The diplomatic representations of a country must serve to strengthen commercial ties, to defend the interests of Dominicans and the country in the place where they are assigned, therefore, in our government, consulates and embassies must become allies of national production for the purpose of increasing exports and investments in favor of our country must become that, in dignified representations of the State and of the Dominicans”.

Abel Martínez was accompanied by the leadership of the PLD in Puerto Plata and by the members who have responsibilities within his electoral campaign in that province, among them, the member of the Political Committee and provincial liaison, Iris Guaba, together with the members of the Central Committee , Vladimir Céspedes and Javier Clark, Pdte. And provincial vice president respectively; Felix Castillo, deputy; Wady Musa, municipal president; Walter Musa, former mayor; Martha Martínez, provincial secretary; Jesus Rafael Cabrera, Enc. business affairs and César Peña, director of strategy, among other coordinators and municipal directors.

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