Abel Martínez plantea soluciones para mejorar productividad

Abel Martínez proposes solutions to improve productivity

La Vega.- The presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martinezassured this Sunday that the Dominican Republic has the capacity to supply all of a large number of agricultural items for local consumption and highlighted the need to open international markets for the export of many others.

“It is necessary to stop the excessive imports that have bankrupted thousands of local producers. We are committed to creating the mechanisms that are necessary for our producers to give birth to the land; that farmers develop their production of both meat and milk, and that opportunities are opened so that international standards are met that allow our production to be placed in international markets. For this, it is necessary to establish a fair, planned and programmed balance, so that imports do not go to the detriment of local production”, said the also member of the Political Committee of the PLD.

He also highlighted the need to facilitate the incorporation of new technologies, giving access to soft loans without distinction of political party and resume the proper support of trained technicians in the various branches.

“We have expressed the need to build interparcel roads in the areas of the country with the greatest production potential because that translates into savings in transportation costs, also generating greater capacity, speed and efficiency in the distribution chain,” said Martínez. during a fellowship meeting with agricultural producers of the country in the province of La Vega.

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The elected candidate of the PLD, pointed out that it is not necessary to have a magic wand to obtain positive results, you just have to have the will, work from dawn to dusk, hand in hand with a formidable team that gives priority to the primary needs of the country “and We will do that together with you from 2024”.

Martínez, who on multiple occasions has issued the warning call for the Government’s public policies to once again focus on the countryside, on the producer, on this sector that gives birth to the land and feeds the population, assured that to the extent in which agricultural producers are supported, increases labor and employment in rural areas, which would contribute to reducing the cost of production of food that must reach the table of Dominicans.

The presidential candidate thanked the support received from that sector, in the past consultation process of the PLD and reiterated that in a government headed by him, they will work hand in hand to take actions aimed at recovering this important national productive line.

The presidential candidate thanked the support received from that sector, in the past consultation process of the PLD

In the activity, there were representatives of the agricultural sector at the national level who support Martínez’s presidential candidacy, which was headed by the members of the Central Committee, Emilio Toribio, national coordinator of Agro-Abel; Ángel Estévez, former Minister of Agriculture; Pedro Flete, PLD National Undersecretary for Agriculture; Luís Gutiérrez, Eddy Toribio, the deputies, Henry Acosta, Ángel Estévez, Lupe Núñez, Bolívar Marte, Casimiro Ramos, as well as the agricultural leaders, Agripina Ramírez; Manuel Alejandro Ureña, Winston Mars; Benjamin Reyes, Jacobo Toribio and Aris Mora, among others.

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