Abel Martínez: presidente podrá burlarse de algunos solo hasta el 2024

Abel Martínez: President will be able to make fun of the intelligence of some only until 2024

Santiago – The presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Abel Martinezdescribed as a mockery of the Dominican people and a play, the speech delivered by President Luís Abinader on the occasion of Restoration Day.

He assured that the scenario presented by the president corresponds to a reality that is very distant and separate from the Dominican Republic.

Through a press release, Martínez assured that the president “will be able to give the speeches he wants from Santiago and Cibao, but in two years the Palace will have a Cibaeño who truly thinks of the people.”

«This town is not in theories; the country needs solutions and concrete actions that allow the citizen to progress, develop, live in an environment of peace and not in the chaos, misery and lack of opportunities that currently prevail in the country”.

“The heroes of the Restoration must be crying to see that the date dedicated to honoring the memory of those who strengthened our independence, has been used to star in a badly done monologue full of lies, unfulfilled promises, delivery of works that 90% do not correspond to its mandate, and of a fragile attempt to try to manipulate, not only public opinion, but also Dominicans who, longing for a proclaimed and promised change, fell into the trap of backwardness and the nightmare that the Government has represented of the PRM”, said Martínez.

Abel said that, in addition, “let him know that it is too late for promises, too late to try to vindicate himself before a people whose quality of life has been taken away, the right to live in tranquility and to travel safely through the streets, but, above all, everything, has robbed him of hope».

To the also member of the Political Committee of the PLD, he said that the president “can talk about all the positive figures in the world, of all the millionaire collections they want, but he cannot justify the unstoppable race of loans that they have been in for two years.”

“You cannot talk about progress in education when we have experienced the greatest setback in that regard,” he continued.

He described as audacity of the president, to speak of development when the national productive sectors are on the verge of bankruptcy “and if we go to the field, the panorama is much darker as a result of the disinterest of the authorities that only apply an import policy without control , of items that are produced in our lands, affecting more than 500 thousand families nationwide”.

“But much less can he speak of management pride, when his greatest achievement has been to double the presence of Haitian citizens with illegal status in the country because he does not care about our sovereignty, patriotic blood does not run through his veins, and there is no love for our Dominicanness, and much less respect for our Constitution, “said Abel.

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