Abel Martínez attacks the PRM

Abel Martínez attacks the PRM

The presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martinez, critical of the government’s management of Modern Revolutionary Party and said that these “they have turned out bad and that they are salty”.

He told his followers that they have a great commitment and challenge because the country cannot continue in inexperienced hands like those of the PRM.

He stated that the government of PRM was put in place to improve things and what it has done is worsen the living conditions of the Dominican.

He pointed out that it has gotten worse because there are no jobs, the level of crime has increased and when Dominicans take to the streets they are afraid that they could be robbed and take their lives.

Also, he stated that the PRM He does not know how to put himself in the pants of the youth, a sector that does not find jobs or opportunities.

In another order, he stated that the women who go to the supermarket and the colmados leave sad because of the price of the products, while the parents do not find what to take home to feed their children.

He noted that the PLD He will return to the government so that Dominican producers have an ally in the government that supports, advises and represents them.

“But, also, the PLD will return to promote tourism, because today they only sell us numbers”held.

Similarly, he commented that the PLD will return to think about childhood and so that Dominicans do not have mortification when they go to grocery stores, supermarkets, hardware stores and pharmacies.

“In 2024, we will make a government where opportunities flow for all those who want to work, can move forward, that is my commitment to every Dominican,” he quoted

These statements were offered during the swearing-in of his campaign team in The Seibowhere militants and leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party met.

Among the leaders of that organization politics from the Eastern region gathered in support of Martinez, Ruben Diario Cruz, Jonny Pujos, Luis Moronta, among others.

It should be noted that Martinez also toured the provinces of Hato Mayor and La Altagracia.

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