Abel Martínez assures that those who govern do not think about present or future generations

Abel Martínez assures that those who govern do not think about present or future generations

Hato Mayor.– With the presence of a unified PLD leadership and militancy, around the political project of Abel Martinezthe presidential candidate swore in three of his provincial campaign teams from the eastern region, in acts overflowing with joy, clearly showing that the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD)) is active and working to return to power.

During his speeches, Abel highlighted the commitment assumed with the country so as of October 16, to continue working tirelessly to get rid of those who, from the Government, have caused the cloudiness and despair of the people.

“I have 23 years of service doing what a president should do: look down and see how to help the poor get up, but the inexperience and lack of love for others of those who govern today show that they do not think about future generations and much less in the present ones; They do not care about providing security to women or that Dominicans feel fear every day when they go out on the streets,” said Martínez.

The presidential candidate expressed that “every time I see youth without jobs, abused women, entrepreneurs who are not supported, I feel their impotence, that’s why I get up earlier and go to bed later, to get these people out They have killed the faith and hope of an entire people. I feel the uncertainty of the parents of families who arrive home without knowing what they are going to feed their children and for them we work tirelessly to make it possible for all this to change from 2024 “,

Abel Martínez stated that together with the most committed Dominicans, from the PLD in 2024 “we intend to lead a government that not only makes a small group rich, but also that opportunities flow so that all those who want to work can push that goal forward. my commitment to every Dominican.”

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