Abdo's legacy: weakening of the Lince Group and pandemic of assaults

Abdo’s legacy: weakening of the Lince Group and pandemic of assaults

There are several cases that have been registered only in the last few days, such as the case of the guard who died in the city of Ypane after being injured by a group of criminals who came to a tire sales place and took a large sum of money. Two other workers who are out of danger were also injured during the accident.

Another assault of the same nature was recorded in the area of ​​the Supply Market, last November, when another group of criminals allegedly intercepted a vehicle carrying the collection of a business and assaulted the workers. During the incident they took the sum of 45 million guaraníes and injured one of the workers in the leg.

The same mechanism was used by a couple of thugs in Pedro Juan Caballero, who came to a commercial premises heavily armed and took all the money the owners had. They arrived aboard a vehicle and summoned the owners to hand over the money, which would be around g. 70 million. Fortunately no one was injured during the event.

Likewise, a few weeks ago, in the Department of caaguazúa group of heavily armed criminals took G. 20 million of a commercial premises. It is about a group of six men who entered the store and took the loot. Finally, they managed to stop four of them. Another assault with hostage taking was reported in the last hours in the city of Assumptionwhere criminals with heavy weapons came to a business and took the workers hostage to take the collection of the weekend.


In response to this growing wave of insecurity and commando-type assaults, the police station Elena Andrade confirmed that there are no police personnel established by the United Nations, which makes it difficult to reach the entire population to provide maximum security.

“No matter how willing we are, the public has to know that we are working with 50% less (staff) than the minimum amount required by the United Nations, which establishes that there should be 3.3 police officers for every 1,000 inhabitants and we were working 1.1, which represents even less than half of what is established”, he explained to La Nación.

He assured that in the same way they seek to reach the entire population, but that it would be good for citizens and merchants to trust the institution, giving notice and requesting accompaniment when they are going to handle large sums of money to avoid this type of situation.

The entrance Abdo’s legacy: weakening of the Lince Group and pandemic of assaults was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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