Abdo: "Wiens is the minister who carried out the most works in all of history"

Abdo: “Wiens is the minister who carried out the most works in all of history”

Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, gave a few words during the inauguration of the asphalt paving of the sections Loreto – San Blas route V and route V Jhugua Ocampos, Ykua Jhovy San Blas (Concepción).

Taking into account that the department is administered by the liberal Édgar López, the national president affirmed that they work with a plurality without looking at political factions.

“That’s why we can have these results. Arnoldo Wiens is the minister who did the most works in the history of this country”, he highlighted.

The president also stressed that they were in charge of the administration of the country at a difficult time in history.

“The expectation was to maintain the numbers of previous periods. We not only managed to maintain but also quadrupled the number of routes with respect to past governments”, he pointed out.

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