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Petty officer Oliver Lezcano Galeano is the main suspect in the crime of the military leader Javier Ríos, after having confessed where he dumped the body. He himself had graduated just 9 months ago and was serving at Police Station 24.

This morning Oliver Lezcano Galeano was arrestedwho finished confessing the murder to Líder Javier Ríos, the military man who was missing since 12 days.

Lezcano has the rank of assistant petty officer and acted as duty officer at Police Station 24, located in the San Cayetano del Bañado Sur neighborhood of Asunción.

The Commissioner Eusebio Gavilán, head of Police Station 24confirmed to the SNT that the now detainee was received from the Police Academy just 9 months ago and that that was the first police unit to which he was assigned to work.

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It was a surprise, I did not expect from him, It is a very good staff that fully fulfills its duties at the police station,” he said when referring to his authorship in the military crime.

As he commented, Oliver Lezcano was “quiet” and never showed strange behavior. Also, he pointed out that on the date of the disappearance of Leader Javier Ríosthe uniformed he was off duty as he had his week off.

Last Saturday, Lezcano went to the police station to present a certificate of rest for an alleged picture of chikungunya, so today he had to return to his duties, which did not happen. “I called him but he did not answer the phone, it had already been in charge of the prosecutor (Federico) Delfino,” Gavilán added.

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It is worth mentioning that Líder Ríos’s brother had already gone to the police station where Lezcano was serving the day after the disappearance, this considering that this was the area where he lowered his last Bolt passenger. On that occasion, he was able to take a photograph of the now accused as the perpetrator of the crime.

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