Abdo Benitez; “Denunciations about Chartism are facts and not inventions”

Mario Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, observed the works of the Olympic Committee on Wednesday morning. On the occasion, he answered queries related to the Iranian-Venezuelan plane. He stressed that a great intelligence job was done.

“We had recognition from all over the world and more things will be known over time. The SNI did a great job to determine the danger of the flight and since Paraguay reported and alerted, inquiries could be made and today we saw that a large part of the crew has links with international terrorism. One even changed his face in Cuba, it looks like a movie,” she commented.

On the questioning of Chartism who allege that the criticism is about political persecution, he stated that it is not his fault that cigarettes were found on the plane.

“Seprelad made a report with all the rigor. What Arregui did was to make the most complete report according to his capacity and the time he was given. They are facts, not inventions that we make with the obligation to collaborate with justice, ”he said.

When asked about the statement from Iran, he stated that he is not concerned since the Foreign Ministry has answered the question. He stressed that Paraguay has a firm commitment against transnational crime and that it is not an issue against any country.

Regarding the questioning of the work of the Prosecutor’s Office, he stated that he is an institutionalist and is committed to strengthening institutions.

“I hope that the Prosecutor’s Office does its job in this and all cases. Just as we must do our part, the other estates must fulfill their functions in a timely manner, ”he concluded.

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