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Abdo already speaking as a former president, and his announcement: in August (the bricked up with money)

President Mario Abdo is already beginning to speak as a “former president”, after his announcement that he will accept to run for the presidency of the ANR.

In conversation with journalists, the chief executive said that his tenure as president has given him the knowledge to now direct the National Republican Association.

“Having been, being president and even more so having been president of the Republic, gives us great experience of the role that the Colorado party can play,” said Abdo.

Last March, the president had announced that the ruling party, when the internal race (presidential and for the Board) officially starts, they (Añetete) have enough money to “wall up” the internal ones with money.

“We know that they have many resources, but we also have money to wall up (the inmates), dear Hugo,” Abdo Benitez said then, addressing the vice president and other ruling party leaders.

The head of the Executive set a date for the start of his career in Republican internalism.

“We are going to wait for August, we are going to lead a campaign for the ethical recovery of Colorado,” he said.

Finally, President Mario Abdo mentioned, in a timely manner, the series of episodes of bad omen that accompanied his government from the very beginning of his administration.

“We are going to work very hard, hopefully I will have better times than I had as president of the Republic so that all this experience that I gained will serve the Colorado party,” he concluded.

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