Hallan bebé abandonado y sin vida en Las Tunas

Abandoned and lifeless baby found in Las Tunas

MADRID, Spain.- A lifeless baby was found in the last few hours in a garbage dump in the Las Tunas province. The unfortunate news was released by the Directorate of Public Health of said province, through a publication in Facebookwhere it is specified that the corpse “belongs to the male sex, with a length of 52 centimeters and a weight of 2,500 grams (5.51 pounds).”

“In the morning of December 11, 2022, a judicial examination of a corpse found in a state of putrefaction in the city of Las Tunas was carried out. When examining it, due to the thanatological signs, a date of between 48 and 72 hours was corroborated, ”adds the information.

Just as it indicates that “the finding is in the investigation phase by the competent authorities.”

Although the brief note does not specify it, users on social networks indicate that it happened in the Military District of Los Pinos.

In a video Shared on social networks by journalist Mario J. Pentón, the police authorities can be seen at the scene.

In comments to the news, Cubans are dismayed by the event, which occurred only a few days after another baby was found in the Boyeros municipality of the capital.

“How sad. Lately these events are happening, a newborn again. I hope they find who he was and let us know ”; “My God, what is happening, every day there are more similar cases. May the full weight of the law fall on the guilty party(ies), “read the comments.

The mother of the newborn baby, found by community workers in a dumpster in Boyeros, was arrested last Wednesday.

In November of this year, residents of the town of Mayorquín, municipality of Alquízar, found a newborn baby abandoned. Little her was still covered in blood and her umbilical cord dangled.

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