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A young woman looks for the man she met on vacation to tell him that he will be a father: she doesn’t even know his name

Sarah-Jayne Snow, the young British woman who is the protagonist of this story, He was on vacation in Tenerife (Spain), a place that he will never forget in his life because of the way things ended.

After having returned from a ‘crazy’ vacation and after a few weeks of returningshe received the news of a very special gift that will arrive next April.

Snow, on a truly crazy night, was intimate with a 19-year-old boy, whom he barely knows works at the Braehead Shopping Center in Glasgow (Scotland). And what she never expected to happen ended up happening.

It was something consensual between two drunken adults. I didn’t ask for his number on purpose and he didn’t ask for mine. It was a mutual farewell ”, she recounted in an interview with The Sun newspaper, explaining that when she found out that he was pregnant, he knew that he had to try to find it.

I can take care of my son alone, but I don’t want him to feel like he doesn’t know who his father is.”, he pointed out, indicating that if he wants to participate in paternity, he can do so.

She indicated that she hardly has a photograph of her child’s father and does not even know his name.

“I took the photo to say that I am safe and that I will be home soon. It was just a one night stand. He kept saying 19 was too young when I was 29 but he kept insisting”, recounted the woman.

However, she admitted that she was much more drunk than him and ended up agreeing to go with a young man in the middle of the night of drinks.

“When I found out that I was pregnant, I was surprised and scared. Something in my heart told me that I should keep the baby. I don’t know the dad, but I definitely feel like I’m ready to be a mom,” she added.

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