A young Venezuelan woman is shot dead in Putumayo-Colombia

A young Venezuelan woman is shot dead in Putumayo-Colombia

A Venezuelan woman identified as Cristal Andreina Rey Morales, 25, was shot dead in front of her residence in the Kennedy neighborhood of the town of La Hormiga, in lower Putumayo in Colombia.

The incident occurred last Monday at around 8:00 at night when the Venezuelan He was on the outskirts of his house and some subjects from a motorcycle shot him several times, ending his life.

Sources in La Hormiga told the media Putumayo Connection that relatives of the Venezuelan They requested the repatriation of the body, which is why it was transferred from Putumayo to the country at dawn on Wednesday.

Regarding the fact that has shocked the population of La Hormiga, until now, no authority has made an official statement on the actions that have been undertaken to do justice to this fact.

Sources in that town did not rule out that the event could be classified as a femicide, but that must be established through the investigations of the authorities.

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