A young Venezuelan is murdered in Trinidad and Tobago

A young Venezuelan is murdered in Trinidad and Tobago

A Venezuelan identified as Steven Hernandez, 26, was stabbed to death on Salacca Drive, Roystonia, Couva in Trinidad and Tobago early Sunday morning.

According to a news agency report Newsday of Trinidad and Tobago, police said the young Venezuelan was stabbed to death around 12:01 a.m.

The press report indicates that Hernández had three years in Trinidad and Tobago and that he had recently moved to Couva.

Hernandez was three years old Trinidad and Tobago

When Newsday went to Roystonia on Sunday, a man who declined to give his name said Hernandez lived in a nearby wooden house and pointed to a stand of trees and bushes in the distance where he said Hernandez’s lifeless body was found. Venezuelan.

Police were at the house interviewing other Venezuelans who lived with Hernández. One woman, who refused to give her name and spoke very little English, said she did not know Hernandez. “Not family (not family)”.

The house Hernandez lived in shared the property with a larger concrete house that appeared to be occupied by locals and Venezuelans.

None of the occupants of the concrete house wanted to talk about Hernandez or the incident, as police on the scene also declined to comment.

Before his death there was an argument

Another resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Hernandez was one of several Venezuelans living in the area who didn’t bother anyone.

The resident claimed that Hernandez and other Venezuelans in the area were drinking on Saturday night and an argument broke out between them.

The resident believes Hernandez was chased into the bushes where his body was later found. The investigations continue.

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