A Venezuelan who worked as a delivery man is murdered in Chile

A Venezuelan who worked as a delivery man is murdered in Chile

A young Venezuelan who worked as a delivery man in Chile was murdered, this after being stabbed; after allegedly having argued with the client who came down to receive him with a knife; which he used to take her life and returned to his residence with the request without showing any dismay at having committed the heinous crime.

The information indicates that the young worker delivered an order to a building in the Ñuñoa commune, northeast of the city of Santiago, capital of that South American nation, local Chilean media reported, and that the murder occurred minutes before 7:00 p.m.: 00 local time, in a building located on José Pedro Alessandri avenue, at 557, where the young Venezuelan came to deliver a package.

Several media outlets in that country report that the murdered Venezuelan was 19 years old and that the defendant is the client to whom he had an order; who went down to receive him carrying a knife with which he took his life and then returned to his apartment as if nothing had happened.

Lieutenant Colonel Marcos Jiménez, from the Oriente Prefecture in Santiago, reported that the Carabineros received the emergency call around 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday and that upon arrival they found the Venezuelan murdered.

“The person was treated by Samu (Emergency Medical Care Service that depends on the Chilean Ministry of Health), which declared death almost instantly,” the police officer told the media.

The lieutenant of the Chilean Carabineros Corps reported the information collected from testimonies of those who witnessed the crime, he explained that after “an altercation occurred in the entrance hall to the building… the defendant took a knife and then stabbed the victim.”

Lieutenant Colonel Jiménez confirmed that the person who perpetrated the murder against the Venezuelan is already detained by agents of the Carabineros Corps and that forensic investigations were carried out at the crime scene by members of the specialized personnel of the Crime Laboratory and the OS9 Department. Investigation of Criminal Organizations of the Chilean uniformed police.

It was also reported that César Mora, assistant prosecutor of the Eastern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, in the country’s capital, explained that the victim, who was a Venezuelan national and had all his immigration documentation in order, arrived at the building where he was killed to leave a parcel .

The prosecutor went on to explain that “with the information available from eyewitnesses and cameras, they go to the apartment of the person who appears on these cameras and who is accused by witnesses, and this person effectively opens the door and acknowledges his or her participation in this unfortunate fact.”

Mora pointed out that it is still unknown what motivated the murderer to take the life of the Venezuelan who delivered the order he had requested.

The murderer took the order and went home as if nothing had happened.

According to the Chilean portal biobiochile.cla neighbor who witnessed the crime presumes that “the order perhaps brought some problem from the restaurant and the person who bought it attacked the delivery.”

The same Chilean outlet explained that the murderer is a 29-year-old Chilean with no criminal record, and explains that he, after committing the crime, took the order, took it to his apartment and acted as if nothing had happened. It also reports that the policemen arrived at the murderer’s apartment and found that he had been consuming alcoholic beverages and transferred him to a police unit.

They add that the formalization of the accusation against the person who perpetrated the murder is expected and a hearing is expected where the defendant’s version of why he stabbed the young Venezuelan delivery man should be known.

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