A Venezuelan is stabbed in the neck in Peru

A Venezuelan is stabbed in the neck in Peru

A Venezuelan was stabbed to death in the neck inside one of the rooms on the third floor of the Frank Suite lodging located on Patricio Meléndez street in Peru.

The event occurred in the early hours of last Sunday and the National Police of Peru arrested a man who is allegedly involved in the incident along with four other people, who fled through the roofs of the surrounding houses.

“We are trying to identify the foreigners who have been staying. We are in full investigation. Efforts are also being made to locate the alleged perpetrators. They haven’t been chatting. They stay here in this hotel. There are about 6 foreigners who have been hosted, including the deceased who has not yet been identified. There is no type of document, ”prosecutor Isabel Mendoza tells Radio Uno.

It transpired that although those involved in the crime disrupted the internal surveillance system and appropriated the guest logbook, the Police managed to find the video record in which the number of suspects and their physical characteristics can be seen.

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