a vendetta

The raids of the prosecutor’s office, home of the former prosecutor Giuzzio and former Minister of the Interior, do not seem absolutely specific to the search for the truth in legal matters. The group that intervenes is led by a prosecutor with the surname Legal, who has been questioned several times because cases in which Cartes and his representatives are involved have never been followed up.

On several occasions he has even stated that he was too important a figure to be investigated, nor did he care much that the US Embassy had described him as significantly corrupt to initiate an investigation. The Legal Prosecutor is the same one who recorded the conversation at the time when the Magistrates Prosecution Jury with Oscar González Daher y Fernández, was a permanent and constant tightening mechanism for judges and prosecutors in various cases. What was published in the press should already have been enough argument to remove him from office, Legal could not have continued as a prosecutor after that scandalous event in which he is a part and that talks with the Secretary of the Jury of Prosecution to fix a lawsuit.

All these circumstances take away a value from these interventions, which could be linked by good purposes and data, but when we see who are the ones who execute said actions, the doubt is in charge of placing several edges of repudiation to that extortion mechanism. Many see that behind that what exists is truly a vendetta against one of his former friends, in the case of Giuzzio and his denunciation of Cartes’ corruption.

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