Tren descarrilado en Las Tunas

A train derails in Las Tunas

MIAMI, United States. — A freight train derailed this Thursday in Las Tunas, the official party reported on social networks newspaper 26.

According to the official media, the accident occurred in an uninhabited section of the central highway, located to the west of the provincial capital.

The derailment of the train forced the temporary diversion of rail transport towards the southern line of the usual itinerary of national trains that circulate through this territory.

Reynaldo Reyes Silva, Transportation delegate in the province of Las Tunas, told local media that “the magnitude of the damage suffered on the road and the volume of merchandise that must be evacuated.”

The accident train loaded cement silos, wheat containers, among others.

Reyes Silva specified that “it will take no less than three days to resume the normal passage of trains through the damaged section of railway”, although he assured that “they are working tirelessly to restore what is damaged as soon as possible”.

At the moment, the authorities and experts are still investigating the causes that led to the derailment of the train.

The official indicated that passengers with reservations for the trains that were to circulate in the next few days through the segment where the accident occurred will be guaranteed a transfer to the city of Jobabo to board their respective trains.

It is not the first time in recent years that a freight train has derailed in Las Tunas. On April 18, 2021, an accident occurred when a train loaded with seven boxes of potatoes got off the railwayalthough without causing human damage or in nearby homes.

The event, which was also reported by newspaper 26indicates that three of the seven boxes loaded with potatoes, bound for the province of Holguín, went off the rails, causing damage to approximately 50 meters of the road.

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