A total of 7 policemen injured in clashes in Changuinola

Angel Valdes | June 28, 2023

After the demonstrations registered in the province of Bocas del Toro, product of an eviction, in a private property, located in the community of El Empalme; Some 7 units of the National Police were injured with blunt objects, stones and bottles, as well as other units affected by the well-known heat stroke. In addition, four other people received medical attention for minor injuries and tear gas.

It is important to highlight that there have been no victims or deprivation of liberty.

During the registered riots, 16 people were apprehended, three of them men who were seized several homemade incendiary bombs, bladed weapons, among other indications related to these acts for Disruption of Public Order and Road Closures, affecting free transit, which affect peaceful coexistence in these communities of Bocas del Toro.

Approximately 100 protesters keep the Puente de La Torre, in Changuinola, closed.

The National Police calls for peace and sanity, so that citizens avoid participating in these disturbances.

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