A third of the tax reform will go to SOAT and health

A third of the tax reform will go to SOAT and health

During her visit to Manizales, to participate in a public hearing called by the Congress of the Republic, the Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho, insisted that a third of the 20 billion pesos that the tax reform will collect in 2023 will be to leverage the reform to the health system.

Minister Corcho explained that will depend on Congress voting positively on an addition, since the budget of the Ministry of Health was approved before Congress endorsed the tax reform.

“Next year the Congress of the Republic will vote on a budget addition, the general budget of the nation was defined, but this was defined prior to the tax reform. The tax reform gives us a collection of 20 billion pesosI want to inform you that In that budget addition, a third of what the tax reform gives goes to health”, explained the Minister of Health.

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With the tax reform, the resource allocated to health would be oriented to cover the increase in The Deposit Payment Unit (UPC)that is, the money that the state recognizes to the EPS for each user and the resources that the EPS no longer receives. Administrator of the Resources of the General System of Social Security in Health (Adres) by SOAT reduction to 50%.

Additionally, the resources would be used to cover the maximum budgets, which is the money that the state transfers to the EPS to cover the health benefit plans required by their affiliates.

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Minister Carolina Corcho insisted that the health reform is necessary to stop managing the crisis left by, for example, the debts of the EPS with hospitals and clinics of around 50 billion pesos and also to eliminate financial and administrative intermediation of the EPS that is propitiating this fiscal gap.

“We cannot make a final point agreement, which becomes an ellipsis agreement. The country cannot allow this to reach 60 or 70 billion pesosthat is unacceptable for a social state of law”, pointed out the high official of the National Government.

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