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A third autopsy will be performed on Debanhi Escobar: Ricardo Mejía

Monterey, NL. The undersecretary of Public Safety of the Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection, Ricardo Mejía, assured that during the follow-up meeting of the case of Debanhi Escobar Bazalduaconsent was obtained to seek a third opinion on the cause of death, in order to issue a technical opinion to unify criteria.

“Yesterday at the follow-up meeting, there was consent to seek a third opinion, a third opinion to be able to strengthen the analysis and find out what was the cause of the death of Debanhi (Escobar) and from then on it will be very important for the criminal investigation,” said the official during the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He added that they already have the official letters of collaboration with the Attorney General of Nuevo León and federal instances, which gives them legal status to be able to intervene and will be the subject of the expert opinion and the corresponding exams.

Also through the chain of custody, the Specialized Prosecutor for Femicides in Nuevo León It will send the video recording equipment, recordings and telephone, on those who presumably may have participated in the events or those who had coincided in the place and time of the events.

It should be remembered that on April 9 the 18-year-old girl disappeared after attending a party in a country house located in the municipality of Escobedo. Debanhi was found dead, inside a cistern at the Nueva Castilla motel, on April 20.

Ricardo Mejía recalled that on May 13 he met with the governor Samuel Garcia Sepulveda; the Attorney General of Justice Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero and the parents of Debanhito formalize the collaboration through official letters addressed to the Secretariat for Citizen Protection in order to seek the collaboration of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City and the National Search Coordination.

In order to review the two expert opinions that were made on Debanhi’s body, one of them ratified by the State Attorney General’s Office, which concluded that he died accidentally, and another private expert opinion requested by Mr. Mario Escobar, which concluded that the young woman was outraged and murdered.

“There is a commitment to strengthen collaboration to exhaust the lines of investigation, clarify the truth of the facts and that there is no impunity,” stressed the undersecretary.


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