A Taiwanese man creates a stroller for his fish to ‘explore other worlds’

Until now there were flying fish, but Jerry Huang has just invented “rolling” fish, with his two red fish, which he takes in a stroller through a city in Taiwan.

In Taichung, in the west of the island, Huang walks around pushing his latest invention: an aquarium on wheels.

“Before, people walked their dogs and cats. Today, they walk with their parrots, their snakes and also with their lizards. I have even seen people with their companion spiders,” he says.

So why not fish? The Taiwanese set himself the goal of making his precious animals “explore another environment above the water”.

The man, a drone photography enthusiast who makes a living from his YouTube channel, spent several weeks designing a fish cart. In a few days, he gathered several loose pieces that he had in his workshop and assembled the artifact.

The cylindrical aquarium is connected to a filtration and oxygenation system that has a battery, and all this is hooked to a cart specially designed for it. The cost? From 280 to 375 euros (from 300 to 400 dollars).

“I did a lot of research before I started doing this aquarium. It wasn’t an impulse. You have to understand the fish. There’s a reason I chose the redfish,” he explains.

And it is not so easy to feel good when you are a fish and you are walking through the world of humans, despite being in the water, inside an aquarium. The red fish, robust and accustomed to the curious looks of people, is the most appropriate species for this type of experience.

Huang is convinced that his animals love the rides.

“We all want to explore exotic, uninhabitable worlds. That’s why we send spaceships into the universe,” he says.

“If I were a red fish, I would surely be very excited if someone invented a way for me to explore other worlds.”

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