A remembered ex-boyfriend would have looked for Shakira after her divorce with Piqué

In the last weeks Shakira has become a very relevant celebrity for social networks and entertainment media, due to the different versions of her divorce and subsequent confirmation of the divorce. end of her relationship with soccer player Gerad Piqué, which lasted 12 years.

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Despite the fact that in the social networks of the athlete and the Colombian singer there have been no publications that expose more detail about the situation that both now face due to their breakup, the international press He has not stopped investigating the intimate life of the ex-partner and now a new story has emerged around said separation.

According to the entertainment program ‘Gossip No Like’, A man with whom Shakira had a romantic relationship in the past would have approached the singer from Barranquilla just after he learned that the artist had separated from Piqué.

According to the gossip show, it’s about Antonio de la Ruaa man with whom Shakira had a long relationship in the past and to whom she would have dedicated a couple of her songs.

Mr. De la Rúa got his act together, spoke nicely in his earand he said: ‘You have to remember old times‘”, was one of the comments that one of the presenters of the program made when commenting on the story about the alleged return of La Rúa to the life of the renowned Colombian artist.

In addition, the program commented that it was Antonio who would have ended the relationship he had with the Colombian and not vice versa, as was once thought.

Remember that a couple of weeks ago Carlos Vivesa close friend of Shakira, stated that the artist was very sad and going through a really difficult time, in addition, he came to assure that he had ample doubts about the infidelity that there was on the part of Gerard Hammered.

“No. No, no. The one I knew, no. Of course, a very polite, very decent person.”. Always very special with me, as we love Shaki very much, he was always very upfront with me, because of that love, ” the singer commented in an interview.

While versions begin to emerge about the suitors who would be knocking on the door of Shakira’s heart, the Spanish press also talks about the woman who now has Piqué’s attention.

In a recent podcast of the ‘Mamarazzis’, the presenters affirmed that Gerard Piqué He has been seen with a blonde woman and that she would be working in a footballer’s company. Similarly, it was ensured that this woman I would have already known the children that the Barcelona defender has with Shakiratherefore it would be a relationship that is very serious.

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In the midst of these versions, the only thing certain is that Shakira is still an artist who turns every song she releases into a success, and this has been demonstrated with her theme. ‘Congratulations’which he performed together with the urban music artist, Raww Alexander.

This song has already exceeded 200 million views on YouTube and on Spotify it has exceeded 50 million views.

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