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A police station burned down and 27 wounded leave clashes in southern Peru

A police station burned down and 27 wounded leave clashes in southern Peru

This Saturday, March 4, new clashes left 27 injured, including 10 policemen. According to official reports from the Peruvian government, the Juli Police Station, in the Puno region, was set on fire

The Peruvian Ministries of Defense and the Interior strongly condemned the attack and fire at the Juli district police station, in the southern Andean region of Puno, committed this Saturday by anti-government protesters and noted that 27 were injured as a result of the clashes in that town.

In a joint statement, both ministries indicated that “approximately 300 violent activists” attacked the Juli police station with stones and blunt objects for several hours, despite the attempts of the officer in charge to dialogue with the protesters.

The troops tried to repel the attack but were outnumbered by the “extremists”, who set fire to various areas of the police station with Molotov-type cocktails, the official source added. quoted EFE.

As a result of the attack, 10 police officers were injured, who were evacuated by helicopter, and also seven civilians who were treated at the Rafael Ortiz Ravines hospital.

In parallel, the statement added, another group attacked the Juli military base, temporarily established in a hotel, causing injuries to ten Army personnel, who have bruises and cuts to the head and arms.

The protesters continue to demand the resignation of Dina Boluarte, who this Tuesday, March 7, will be in power for three months, replacing former President Pedro Castillo.

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In addition, there was another “reprehensible” attack against the headquarters of the Judiciary and vehicles from the police station, police personnel and the military patrol were burned.

“Violence against state facilities, as well as against police personnel and military service inside them, has no justification,” which is why investigations have begun to identify those responsible and initiate actions. corresponding legal documents, added the Executive.

The Puno region, in which Juli is located, has maintained roadblocks and work stoppages since last January, when its inhabitants took to the streets to demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and a harsh repression caused the death of 18 people in the neighboring city of Juliaca.

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