A Parlasur delegation met in Rome with members of the Italian Parliament

A Parlasur delegation met in Rome with members of the Italian Parliament

The Argentine delegation together with Ambassador Roberto Carles and Marina Femenía, president of the International Relations commission of the regional legislature (Photo: Twitter @robertinocarles).

A delegation from Parliamentarians deputies met on Wednesday at Rome with members of italian parliamenton a visit “from high political and institutional impact“, which marked the beginning of a joint work agenda that will continue with a visit by representatives of the European country to Montevideo in November.

“Before the pandemic, we had expressed interest in establishing relations to build a friendship group between the two chambers of the Italian Parliament and Parlasur, and today we met with members of the Deputies and the Senate,” the Parlasur legislator told Télam. Daniel Raymondof the Argentine delegation.

Raimundo was accompanied by the Argentine Marina Femeníapresident of the International Relations commission of the regional legislature, and by the Paraguayans Tomas Bittar and Manuel Morinigo.

The parliamentarians, invited by the Italian deputy mario borghesemet with deputies and senators who make up the friendship group of the Italian parliament with Parlasur, in the first step towards a exchange of experiences and work in shared calendars.

Among the members of friendship group representing the Italian Parliament were, in addition to Borghese, Senator Ricardo Merloalso from the MAIE (Associative Movement of Italians Abroad) party, the members of the so-called Mixed Group Andrea Cecconi and Antonio Tassoand the deputies Eugenio Sangregorio and Giovanni Russo.

PARLASUR and Italian Parliament Photo Twitter robertinocarles
PARLASUR and Italian Parliament (Photo: Twitter @robertinocarles).

“In particular, they told us about the experience in the integration process that the Italian Parliament had, a founding member of the European Community and its institutions,” explained Raimundo.

The parliamentarians were accompanied by the Argentine ambassador to Italy, Roberto Carles.

“There was talk that they can transmit that experience to us and how we can update it to our integration model,” added Raimundo.

The Argentine parliamentarian added that Parlasur made a commitment to define the members of the friendship group with the Italian Parliament in the coming months and that a second meeting in november at the seat of the regional legislature.

In addition to meeting with members of the friendship group with Parlasur, the delegation from the Mercosur Parliament was received by the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico.

“We exchanged ideas and experiences of the role of the Italian Parliament in the constitution of the European Parliament”, Raimundo pointed out.

The Argentine parliamentarian added that “facing the post-pandemic and with the advent of the Ukraine-Russia war, we included for the agendas to touch on common issues, such as the alimentarythe renewable energy and one very politicianon which we have been working unanimously, such as support for the cause Falklands“.

According to Raimundo, the members of the Italian Parliament committed themselves “to continue working on the cause of the Falklands, so that there are no more spaces that operate as a colony and that they begin to comply with the resolutions of the United Nations” on the Argentine islands.

This afternoon’s visit was Parlasur’s first visit to a G7 country and was described as “an event of high political and institutional impact” by Raymond.

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