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A new cold war points to the China-Taiwan crisis, says Soto Jiménez

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Una nueva guerra fría apunta crisis China-Taiwán, dice Soto Jiménez

At this stage there would be more countries than the previous one, in which it was only the United States and the Soviet Union that faced each other

The new confrontation between China and Taiwan points to a reissue of a cold war which, like the previous one, will not end in a military confrontation, says historian José Miguel Soto Jiménez, who was the last ambassador to Taiwan before the Dominican Republic broke off relations in 2018.

It indicates that in this new version of the cold war, instead of two countries, there are “new partners” What Russia, USAChina, Korea and Iran.

He rules out military confrontation, because he understands that there is much to lose between the parties in conflict and in the end, containment and deterrence strategies will be developed until negotiations are reached.

Highlighting the military strength that Taiwan has achieved with state-of-the-art equipment, in addition to the strong citizen support with a million reservists, Soto Jiménez said that it cannot be superior to the overwhelming power of People’s China, whose army, in addition to being much superior , has a high ideological motivation.

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Although he expresses that if it happened, Taiwan would be a tough nut to crack. “I don’t think that in this new cold war there will be a direct confrontation between the main partners, because there is a lot to lose. That does not mean that they play detente, dissuasion, but the holocaust and destruction, I do not think it will happen, “said Soto Jiménez, in an interview for TODAY.

Tensions between China and Taiwan recently increased after the visit of Nancy Pelosi, president of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, to the latter country, which Soto Jiménez described as a provocation.

He considers that they should resume the negotiations that began a few years ago, that it is convenient for the two to be in peace, because there is a part of China’s economic investment that is Tawian, and emphasize that previously 80% of Taiwan’s tourist flow came from China.

The island, a point of relevance

strategic importance
Taiwan is at a strategic point between Japan and Mainland Chinawith a decisive position in the Taiwan Strait that has achieved extraordinary economic development and the solution of basic problems such as health, education, agriculture in a democratic system, without political repression and in a true rule of law.

“Taiwan has an enviable development”, says Soto Jimenez.

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