A month with the great return of Paulo Londra

A month with the great return of Paulo Londra

Paulo Londra, Nicki Minaj and Wos (Video Capture Combo).

“Chance”, single by Paulo Londra

Londra came back with everything. After his two-year silence, the Cordovan musician does not stop surprising his fans with new music. In March he was “Plan A” and this month he released “Chance” to affirm, confirm and reconfirm that he is back with all the letters.

“Arrancármelo”, single from Wos

rip it off”, single with video clip, is the first premiere of ‘Wosito’ after the release of his album ‘Oscuro Éxtasis’ last November. This song is an acoustic ballad where the urban musician reveals a simpler, more sung, more intimate side, which brings his feelings and thoughts closer to the public in a new way.

”KU”, single by LIT Killah ft De La Ghetto and L-Ghent

On April 7, LIT Killah released “KU”, a song with a video clip in collaboration with De La Ghetto and L-Gante, artists of the moment.

“Rocketpowers”, video clip by Dillom and Saramalacara

Dillom (21) is having a 2022 full of music: he participated in Lollapalooza, released his first album, “Postmortem” and filled four dates at the Vorterix theater in Buenos Aires. The fourth will take place this May 3. “Rocketpowers” ​​is one of the songs on the album that this month released a music video with Saramalacara.


The young musician who has already appeared in his first shows at Vortex Theaterreleased this Friday “Organiko”, a single with a video clip in collaboration with Broke Carrey.

“Vos”, live from Rusherking

Although this song came out in 2020, this month the young man from Santiago released the live version at the Luna rehearsal to share with his fans and bring them closer to more intimate content.

Rusher is going through a year of great achievements that will pay off at the Luna show on June 4th.

“Young flex”, Khea’s single

Khea released this single to bring a little more trap to the scene, with a video clip and full production.

“BZRP Session #23”, Paulo Londra ft. Bizarre

The Cordovan is back and full steam ahead. After releasing two singles and now with the long-awaited BZRP SessionPaulito demonstrates all his phrasing ability and in which he communicates all his thoughts and feelings to an audience that wanted his return throughout the pandemic.

“Marte”, Live Session by María Becerra and Sofía Reyes

Calf and Reyes (Mexican singer and actress) released this live version of this song that they had already released on Sofía’s album called “Mal de amores”. This ‘live session’ (live session) gives freshness to the original version and brings a different sound to the fans of these two Latin American artists.

Argentina in the house: Latin American Music Awards

On Thursday, April 21, the Latin American Music Awards were held in Las Vegas, USA and was broadcast on Telemundo. Argentina said present from the hand of three great stars of the national trap: Maria Becerra, LIT Killah and Tiago PZK.

The artists gave a show of which Nicki Nicole was also going to participate but due to a flight delay due to weather conditions, she was unable to arrive in time to join her colleagues and friends. Nicki was in Indio, California after giving a concert at the Coachella Festival in which Nathy Peluso was also present.

At the Latin American Music Awards ceremony, María Becerra received the award for the new artist of the year.

The urban artists were excited and grateful to be at the international event and they expressed it on their social networks. LIT Killah posted a photo with Maria and Tiago and wrote: “Yesterday was crazy, I remember less than a year ago I didn’t even feel vocally prepared to do it! (…) from Catan to the world ARGENTINA IN LA CASAAA pa”.

To which Maria commented: “I love you! It literally felt like ranching on the couch in the house on legs hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha How nice to share this together. Of course, the rest of her colleagues also added her wishes in comments such as “I love you” from Emilia or “how they broke it yesterday” from FMK, among others.

“Infraganti”, single by Sael and Taiko

Saël is an Argentine urban artist who released this month a single with a full production video clip in collaboration with his Chilean colleague Taiko.

“Style wins”, Tata’s single

Cristian Sosa, alias Tata, won the Red Bull Battle of Gallos Argentina in 2020 and released the single “Style Vence” with a music video this April. The freestyler is venturing once again into recording their own songs, this being the second release of the year after the single “Cepas de rap”. It has been two years since Cristian released his music and it seems that this 2022 is on.

Tata freestyler and winner of the Red Bull Battle of Gallos in 2020
Tata, freestyler and winner of the Red Bull Battle of Gallos in 2020

In addition, last Saturday Tata competed in the third day of the FMS Argentina in the city of La Plata.

international scene

It would be impossible to make a complete list of all the new albums, singles and video clips released by international artists during the last month. However, Omar Apollo, Daniel Caesar, Nicki Minaj, among others, are some of those selected for this list.

”Ivory”, album by Omar Apollo

The Mexican-American artist released his album “Ivory” on April 8, after three previews of it with the singles “Tamagotchi”, “Killing me” and “Invincible”.

“Ivory” is the composer’s fourth album after the last one called “Apolonio” that he released in 2020. It has 16 songs that go through different sounds that confirm, once again, Apollo’s talent and versatility.

Daniel Caesar’s “Please Don’t Lean” Single

The Canadian musician, Daniel Caesar, released a new single with a video called “Please do not lean” which would translate as “Please do not lean” or “Please do not lean.” Caesar, 27, is a great r&b musician who, in addition to being the artist chosen to give a show at Justin Bieber’s wedding, has 21 million monthly listeners on Spotify and three studio albums: “Pilgrim’s paradise” ( 2015), “Freudian” (2017) and “Case Study 01” (2019).

“We go up” by Nicki Minaj ft. Fivio Foreign

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty (39), better known as Nicki Minaj, released a single this April with Fivio Foreign, which could be translated as “let’s go up.” The international star born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in New York, United States, is known for her hits such as “Tusa”, “Superbass”, “Anaconda”, among many others.

Minaj has 38 million monthly listeners and last year she released her latest studio album called “Beam me up Scotty” with 23 dance songs and collaborations with artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, among others.

“They don’t lie” single by Becky G

The 25-year-old artist released this single that has Latin, urban and at times flamenco sounds. Although she was born and raised in the United States, Becky G is the daughter of Mexicans from Jalisco, which is why she sings in both English and Spanish.

“MAMIII” single by Becky G and Karol G

Karol G (31) and Becky G joined their feminine energy in “MAMIII”, a single with a lyric video (animated video with the lyrics of the song). International stars from Colombia and the United States jointly released this song that invites anyone to dance. In this lyric video, there are both the lyrics of the song in Spanish and in English, because its audience is varied. “MAMIII” talks about toxic ties, a topic that has begun to be discussed a lot in recent years.

“It doesn’t taste the same”, song by Rels B

Rels B (28), also known as Skinny Flakk by his Instagram name, is a Spanish urban artist from Mallorca, who was on tour this month and also released this single after his shows in Mexico.

At the end of March, Rels B performed in Argentina with shows in the City of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario, bringing live music closer to its South American fans, on a tour that continued in Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, among other countries. region of. In CABA at the Movistar Arena, the Spaniard had rag pickers Khea and Duki as guests, uniting music across the continent.

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