A month after giving birth to her son, Greeicy Rendón feels in "a dead end"

A month after giving birth to her son, Greeicy Rendón feels in “a dead end”

“The only perfect motherhood is that of diaper commercials,” a follower jokingly commented.

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Greeicy Rendón, Colombian singer and actress, wife of fellow artist Mike Bahía, has just over a month after giving birth to her son Kai, an experience that is turning out to be very different from what she probably thought.

This is how he made it known through his social networks the “Vampire girl”a character that made her known in the world of acting.

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The interpreter of «Lovers», «Stronger», «Tonight», «When I saw you»; Among other successes, she uploaded some stories to her Instagram account where she talked about how difficult this new stage in her life is being: “being a mother.”

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Greeicy revealed that she feels like a “dead end”, a comparison of what she was before and what her life is today for everything that comes with the responsibility of caring for a newborn: staying up late, changing diapers, breastfeeding (if the case) or prepare a bottle at midnight; tasks that are not usually easy for new mothers.

Amid laughter and regret, Greeicy made this confession:

Opinions of his followers

After her video, many mothers have told Greeicy about their experiences. There are even some who take the humorous side out of the situation with comments like the following:

“Well, that’s how it is… I mean, the only perfect motherhood I’ve seen is in commercials for other diapers, my love, things are powerful,” wrote a Greeicy fan.

A month after giving birth to her son, Greeicy Rendón feels in "a dead end"
Comment from a follower of the interpreter of “Lovers”.

«Finally, a very famous woman came out as she truly turns out to be a mother, at this time the hormonal carousel that she has and that she has is crazy, and all those who are mothers will understand, but what a wonder she is, so beautiful she is, and she goes out to show what that actually happens, in reality as we see ourselves, the reality of being a mother, because so many other very famous ones come out just to show that the belly is already flat », It was the opinion of another mother who follows the Valle del Cauca artist.

«Postpartum depression… That’s real life», «Hey, but people do fuck…. as if all those who are mothers smile every time the child cries every morning I am a mother and as much as I love my children I can’t stand their tantrums”, “Listen to it completely, she mentions a love alley… a beautiful alley”, were three other comments from Instagram users.

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