A minor under 17 years of age suffers from a tumor and needs care at the IREN

A minor under 17 years of age suffers from a tumor and needs care at the IREN

Efraín LC is a 17-year-old boy who suffers from a tumor, which is in one of the vertebrae of the spine. Although he was treated at the Carrión hospital, what he urgently needs is to be treated by Iren specialists.

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Alfonso Huarcahuamán Quispe, yesterday he was evacuated to the Iren Centro in an emergency, they stabilized him and gave him an appointment for August 4, they also asked him for the reference of his place of origin, and he has to return to Huancavelica, so that they give him a reference to Iren and that from that date they just do the tests to rule out any neoplasm. It is quite a drama, for a patient who lives bedridden and whose family barely has the resources to care for him.

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“It is not possible that we have to return to Huancavelica, to make an appointment, more time passes and my nephew already bears more pain, that is why I ask that he be treated promptly,” said Uncle Alfonso Huarcahuamán. The tumor in February was a small nodule and now it has grown to the size of a fist and causes minor decompensation.

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