Hospital Pediátrico “Juan Manuel Márquez”, en La Habana. Foto: Cuba en Fotos / Facebook.

A minor injured in the Saratoga hotel explosion is discharged

A minor injured in the explosion that occurred in the Saratoga hotel from Havana on May 6, he recently received a medical discharge, as reported this Thursday by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP).

According to part of that entity, it is the only girl who was kept in the Juan Manuel Márquez Pediatric Hospital, in the Cuban capital, where two other male minors reported as being in care remain.

The Cuban health authorities also reported that five other adults remain hospitalized, including a woman, of the total of 99 injured in the unfortunate incident that caused the death of 46 people.

The Minsap report also points out that, counting the minor now notified, a total of 46 injured have so far been discharged, including a Spanish citizen who he returned to his country Last monday.

Although still investigations have not been completed Regarding the tragic explosion that considerably damaged the hotel facility and several surrounding buildings, the preliminary indications point to a gas leak during transfer from a tanker truck to a hotel deposit, as the most likely reason.

The building where the tourist facility was located was built in 1880 and from 1911 it functioned as a hotel. Its last restoration took place in 2005, when the building was reformed in depth, to make it one of the most luxurious in the Cuban capital.

After the incident, which shocked the entire island and prompted numerous messages of condolences and solidarity, the search and rescue of victims continued for a week until the bodies of all the people reported missing were found. At that time, the Cuban government decreed two days of official mourning, during which recreational and cultural activities were suspended and the Cuban flag was flown at half-staff.

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