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“A memory that lives on” marks the 20th anniversary of the Deportivo Cali tragedy

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A day like today in 2002, the history of Colombian soccer and Deportivo Cali experienced one of the most remembered tragedies in history; Well, an electric shock took two great soccer promises during a training session.

It was about the greats: ‘Carepa’ Gaviria and Giovanni Córdoba.

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It happened during the training that was held that day at the sports complex at the Pance headquarters at 4:00 in the afternoon, the players were preparing to work for the next championship.

At that time, they were under the direction of Óscar Héctor Quintabani, coach of the Vallecaucano team.

Ball goes and ball comes and in the sky of Cali a great storm was approaching, finally without feints the furious rain began to wet the playing field.

the painful moment

With thunder and lightning the court began to light up, without foreseeing this situation the sports training did not stop and then the unexpected would come.

In the blink of an eye, lightning struck the player Carepa, and Giovanni Cordoba.

What happened generated so much fear that the other soccer players were also stretched out by the noise.

The rumors came through the radio, from close contacts, and from sports journalists who were stunned and did not believe what had happened.

After what happened, the lifeguards came out in a heartbeat and even took a ride up Av Cañasgordas de Cali because it was the only way to get to the Valle del Lili Clinic.

In turn, Giovanni Hernández, Mauricio Espinoza and Carlos Chumi Alvarez, also affected by the discharge, had to be treated at the site.

As the news was made known by radio, or close contacts, relatives, players, managers and Citizenship itself began to arrive.

The fury of social networks did not exist for that time, that is why all the swollen Verdi Blanca took to the streets to show support and to listen to an encouraging medical report.

A few hours after arriving at the Clinic, the announcement of the unfortunate death of Carepa was known. There was nothing to do.

The saddest thing was that with the passing of days, the death of Giovanny Cordoba was also known, who was hospitalized in intensive care but did not resist.

Today they are always remembered as soccer promises, who left without wanting to leave.

“It’s not the first time”

Many stories have been known where this natural phenomenon “lightning” kills people, destroys houses, and even causes fires.

The most recent was on October 22 at the Nemesio Camacho ‘El Campín’ Stadium, when lightning struck the playing field

Fortunately when the electric shock hit, no one was on the field of play.

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