A goal with the smell of drug trafficking

A goal with the smell of drug trafficking

In recent months, several sports institutions were stained with certain complaints for strange financial management that they could not justify, among which the club of former President of the Republic Horacio Cartes stands out.

Committees from the Public Ministry and the Senad, at the time, withdrew invoices and documents from the Rubio Ñu, Deportivo Capiatá and River Plate clubs, within the framework of the Operative Atranza Py. This before suspicions that they would have been used by Sebastián Enrique Marset Cabrera (30 years old), for the laundering of money from drug trafficking.

On the other hand, there were transfers of players who never passed through the Sportivo Luqueño club, profits whose origin could not be identified, who were denounced for money laundering. Another situation that has occurred in recent days is the appearance of documents that link the former head of Seprelad, Óscar Boidanich, who received the sum of G. 27,450,000 from the Club Libertad.

Said club appears as one of the entities benefiting from transfers where the issuer is Horacio Cartes. The financial intelligence report details that the gumarela entity received almost US$50 million. Libertad appears as the beneficiary of the resources on a monthly basis as of July 4, 2019, with variable amounts between G. 1,687 million and G. 15,515 million, according to the leaked document.

The transfers for Libertad were continuous and their last date is January 5 of this year, with the amount of G. 2,088 million.

In 2015, the liberal deputy Édgar Acosta presented a bill to expand articles of Law No. 1015/97 that prevents and represses illegal acts aimed at legitimizing money or assets (money laundering), with the intention of giving powers to the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money Laundering (Seprelad) to control sports clubs and their athletes, which was not dealt with.

As mentioned by the legislator, the period ended in 2018 without being treated, “they never had an argument to reject, when the period was ending they had said that they were going to work better, but they were never encouraged because there was a very strong lobby against this, I noticed that among my colleagues, “said the legislator.

He continued by saying that in this period he presented it again, it was not discussed, but they did it in the Senate where they incorporated the tobacco companies and it was rejected.

“15 days ago I presented it again, and it will be treated next Wednesday. In 2015 I held a public hearing inviting all the presidents of the first division clubs, I invited Robert Harrison, González Daher, Víctor Pecci, who was the Minister of Sports, and none of them attended, except for a representative of Sol de América, Óscar Acosta. , who went and said that he was in favor of soccer being controlled by Seprelad because he considered that there was unfair competition in the sport,” Acosta mentioned.
The former secretary of Seprelad, Óscar Boidanich Ferreira, was opposed to the project, however, he did not explain the reason why he did not agree.

“Boidanich told me that there was no budget, human resources and logistics, to which I replied that I would be his most strategic ally in the Chamber of Deputies, in the Budget Commission where I was a member, I will get you the resources so that you have more personnel and logistics from an intelligence point of view, talking about software and stuff,” he recalled.

He said that Boidanich immediately stopped responding to him, and left at that moment with his Chartist allies from the Chamber of Deputies saying that he had another meeting. “What they don’t want is for it to be controlled,” explained the legislator.

Due to the current situation, with the events of Club Libertad, with the situation that occurred at the time with a player who arrived at Sportivo Luqueño who was transferred to him in other situations, the deputy hopes that the project will be approved.

“I received a complaint at the time from a person who was supposedly from the sports field and did not dare to bring more elements to continue, who had knowledge that a player was receiving US $ 8,000 as salary, then he went to another entity, He arrived with US$ 50,000 a month, but his contract included the previous amount.”

“That means that the country loses taxation, because if the contract says that I receive US$ 8,000, on that I am paying personal income, suppose that in one year it is US$ 96,000 that is received without a prize, it is salary, while the one who receives US$ 50,000 is moving more than US$ 700,000 in his bank account, so who paid that difference, who is the benefactor of that player, may exist, but we have to know if that businessman paid personal income tax, we are not against the businessmen contributing, but we have to know where he gets the money for that player, ”explained the parliamentarian.

Edgar Acosta added that the clubs should not oppose this project if it does not affect them.
“Control is much more efficient than trust, and in a sport as beautiful as soccer we do not have to allow anyone to launder money, it is too disastrous for such a beautiful sport,” concluded the legislator.

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The entrance A goal with the smell of drug trafficking was first published in The Independent.

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