A former mayor of Guaymallén admitted crimes and was sentenced to eight years in prison

A former mayor of Guaymallén admitted crimes and was sentenced to eight years in prison

Photo: Alfredo Ponce.

The former mayor of the Mendoza town of Guaymallén Luis Lobos (PJ) was sentenced this Wednesday to six years in prison for illicit enrichment and fraudulent administration, in the framework of an abbreviated trial, and will spend 8 years in prison, given that the justice system unified a previous sentence for which he was already detained, judicial sources reported.

The Collegiate Criminal Court 2, made up of Luis Correa Llano, Ramiro Salinas and Nancy Lecek, agreed to a prison sentence for a term of 6 years for these two crimes and the unification was established in 8 years in relation to another case where he was already convicted. to 4 and a half years, a sentence that Lobos is currently serving in the Mendoza San Felipe penitentiary.

In May 2019, Lobos had been sentenced to four years and six months in prison and disqualified for life from holding public office for fraud to the state.

Likewise, his wife Claudia Sgro She was sentenced at that time to 3 years and four months as a primary participant in the same crime.

Photo Alfredo Ponce
Photo: Alfredo Ponce.

Lobos, who was president of the Deliberative Council of that municipality located in Greater Mendoza, assumed the mayorship between 2013 and 2015, replacing Alejandro Abraham (PJ), who was elected national deputy.

Lobos has several causes for corruption and this it is the second time he has been found guilty in a trial.

In an abbreviated trial, at the time of admitting his guilt before the court, the former Peronist leader agreed to testify and told those present that “what everyone has to thank Luis Lobos for, the entire system, are the codes of Luis Lobos. Nothing more.” .

Photo Alfredo Ponce
Photo: Alfredo Ponce.

As part of this judicial agreement, he pleaded guilty to illicit enrichment by not being able to justify the acquisition of luxury goods and also acknowledged that he had committed fraudulent administration in respect of the case that involved the company Wanka SA, which was paid for the paving of streets, although the works were never carried out.

The final hearing of the abbreviated trial was negotiated by the chief prosecutor for Economic Crimes, Javier Pascua, and the defense of Lobos, in charge of Mariela Ponce and Eugenia Moyano.

At the same time, the perpetual disqualification from holding public office, an economic fine and the penalty of confiscation in the updated amount -as of November 30, 2022- of $147,895,237.61 were agreed.

Also included was Lobos’ decision to withdraw from the appeals he had filed against the enforcement of the Asset Forfeiture Law, through which the assets whose purchase he could not justify were expropriated.

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