A documentary on YouTube will point out those responsible for the tragedy of the Supertankers in Cuba

A little less than a year ago duanys morenothe young man who reported with his phone the fire of the Matanzas Supertanker Basehe left the island. Harassed by Cuban counterintelligence, he managed to escape to Guyana with the aim of reaching the United States when his process of parole humanitarian. From this last country and about to release a documentary with unpublished material on the incident that shocked Cuba in August 2022, he resumes the conversation started with 14ymedio last February.

It was thanks to his channel from YouTube about aeronautics, opened in 2021, which managed to raise the necessary funds to undertake the trip. She spent several months in Guyana, working in an electronics store and also in a supermarket.

“I owe a lot to Guyana, even though it is a place where there is racism and rudeness. It is the country that welcomed me in the first place. There are good people, but the vast majority of them hate Cubans.” His compatriots, he regrets, were not much help either. The Cuban community in Georgetown, he says, often takes advantage of the “innocence” of newcomers to swindle them.

The Cuban community in Georgetown, he says, often takes advantage of the “innocence” of newcomers to defraud them

He managed to get out of there when a relative of his, living in Florida, helped him through the process to apply for a parole humanitarian aid in the US, in February. The documents were ready on July 2, and soon after, Moreno took a plane from Georgetown to Miami. “I arrived on the 4th, Independence Day in the US,” he remarks.

In the United States, he says, “absolutely everything” surprises him. Life works with such a level of “detail and precision,” she celebrates, that it is overwhelming. “I’ve been here four days and I’ve seen so many new things.”

This Saturday, Moreno plans to launch, on YouTube, an audiovisual about the explosion of the Supertankers in the bay of Matanzas. “I did it in Guyana without conditions and it doesn’t have a good edition. I didn’t have a computer and I had to work on my own phone,” he admits. However, “the content is very precise,” he guarantees.

The material will analyze the causes of the accident, the scientific evidence of what happened, an account of the lives of the deceased and the identification of those specifically responsible. “First I talk about the ‘famous’ lightning that struck, about which there were many doubts. The second part looks at the explosion of the tank. Then, drawing on my experience as a drone pilot, he revealed that there were holes on top of the tanker.”

He is surprised by “absolutely everything” about the United States.  Life works with such a level of “detail and precision” that it is overwhelming.  (Capture)

According to Moreno, the authorities had removed eight sheets of the geodesic dome that covered the deposit, which meant that there were 26,000 tons of crude unprotected against any climatic event. “Even in the midday heat in Cuba, the fuel was capable of exploding,” he notes.

The conditions of the Supertankers, summed up the young man, were precarious. The authorities knew about it and did nothing. Several workers were sanctioned, removed from their post or transferred to the headquarters of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, in Havana.

“The documentary also contains a tribute to the firefighters who died in Matanzas,” says Moreno, who adds that he will not stop broadcasting content on YouTube and fighting for Cuba, a country he does not lose sight of.

Now he intends to start his life in the United States on the right foot, raise money and, perhaps, start a business. “I have many projects in mind,” she says, “and this is the land of opportunity.”


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