A crazy day in Argentine football

A crazy day in Argentine football

A crazy day in Argentine football

Sometimes this Argentine football, so even and full of mediocrities, delivers pleasant surprises. Sometimes it catches, captivates, impacts and is capable of giving a crazy day. Everything happened in the definition of Zone A of the League Cup

River lost in Cordovain the first half before Institute, and due to the other results he could not get among the four qualifiers for the playoffs. It was a colossal failure that put in check Martin Demichelis. It is unforgivable that the giant with such a rich squad was eliminated so soon.

At the end of the initial stage, Independent won comfortably in the Liberators of America. He beat 2-0 Workshops with goals from Adrian Sporle Alexis Canelo. And on top of that he had one more player. Thus, Rojo obtained a ticket to the quarterfinals.

However, then came the second half. And everything was reversed in a brutal way both in Alta Córdoba like in Avellanedawith ultra-changing and controversial developments.

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Without his scorer Miguel Borjaabsent due to injury, River found the explosion in the definition of Facundo Colidio, who had precisely been lacking forcefulness. This time she screamed in triplicate. He scored a hat-trick in 16 minutes, between 57 and 73, taking special advantage of the passivity of the Instituto players in the aerial game and with the 3-1 victory he restored calm to the millionaire and his coach. . The thing is River He went from being eliminated to qualifying first.

After a very good initial 45 minutes, Independent He gave away the second portion. He came out asleep and in just seven minutes Talleres tied it with goals from Federico Girotti and Gastón Benavidez. El Rojo wasted a couple of clear chances, but not even playing 11 against 10 could they win. In the end, that 2-2 eliminated both. Now Carlos Tevez was in the spotlight, singled out. He suspended the press conference. Will he stop being the coach of Independiente today?

The people of Cordoba also ended up full of anger. Girotti, Angry about some arbitration rulings, he accused the AFA leadership (which maintains strong disagreements with the Talleres leadership about the possibility of establishing the figure of the SAD in Argentine soccer).

In the other matches on Monday for the last date of the qualifying stage of the League Cup, Argentinos and Barracas Central They tied 3-3 and jumped into the playoffs. It will also be there Velezwho beat Independiente 1-0 Rivadavia de Mendoza.

In short, River finished first in Zone A with 27 points, Argentinos and Barracas Central They added 26 and Vélez accumulated 25. All four will play in the playoffs. Only Talleres stayed there with 24 and Independiente with 23.

Today Zone B will be resolved. Godoy Cruz is already classified there with 29 units. For now, Students with 24 and also Lanús and Defense and Justiceboth with 23. If Boca (22) wins in the Bombonera Godoy Cruz will be classified. Racing (21) is waiting: it needs a visitor victory against Belgrano and other results to help it. Those from Avellaneda will look closely at everything that happened in Lanús – Students and Defense-Newell’s. Will Argentine football pleasantly surprise us again with some other madness?

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