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A couple is found dead in a house in Benjamín Aceval

Hoy Paraguay

Near to noon this sunday the discovery of two lifeless bodies inside a house located in Rio Verde neighborhood of the Cerrito company by Benjamin Aceval.

The deceased were identified as Antonio Javier Alegre Cardozo, 35, and Paola Estefanía Valdéz, 21. both were found lying on the ground and in a state of decomposition.

Prosecutor Fernando González told channel C9N that they arrived at the home as a result of the neighbor’s complaintwho manifested having noticed a nauseating odor coming from the place.

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Taking into account the state in which both corpses were foundit is estimated that death occurred approximately 48 hours or more ago.

In the crime scene They found a 38mm caliber firearm. with two cartridges fired and five without firing, a dagger and a DVR device from the closed circuit cameras.

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González confirmed that both Alegre and Valdéz They had gunshot woundshence some hypotheses are consideredbetween them that of a possible femicide and subsequent suicide or that of a double homicide with a third person involved.

The couple had frequent fights, as confirmed by the same neighbors. Despite this, no previous complaints about acts of family violence are filed at the jurisdictional police station.

The entrance A couple is found dead in a house in Benjamín Aceval was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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