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A chilling discovery reveals the possible face of Jack the Ripper

Members of the Police College found a cane with a small carving on the handle of what is possibly the only reported facial composition of Jack the Ripper.

The chilling discovery occurred while searching for artifacts stored at the Police College headquarters in Ryton, UK. This object was owned by Frederick Abberline, the Scotland Yard detective who failed to catch this notorious serial killer. His fellow officers gave it to him as a gift when he was removed from the case, in 1889., reportedthis Thursday Evening Standard.

Bramshill Police College held the baton at least until its closure in 2015, but the circumstances under which it was transferred to Ryton Police College are unknown. The institution’s content creator, Antony Cash, stated: “Finding this cane was an exciting moment for us.“.

“The case of the Jack the Ripper murders is one of the most high-profile and infamous in our history and his crimes were important in paving the way for modern policing and forensic scienceas it caused the police to start experimenting and developing new techniques while trying to solve these murders, such as crime scene preservation, profiling and photography,” Cash said.

The chilling face with haunting eyes is on display at the Police College. “This baton is such a fascinating object that it represents a historically significant moment in police investigation. It’s amazing that we can put it on display here at Ryton, along with the original newspaper clippings, so that our officers can see firsthand how far we have come in the investigation since then“Cash stressed.

The criminal, who called himself Jack the Ripper, brutally murdered at least five women, in a period of three months, in 1888 in the London borough of Whitechapel. Although the Police made enormous efforts to unmask and catch him, the identity of the offender remains a mystery.


The entrance A chilling discovery reveals the possible face of Jack the Ripper was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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