A blackout is recorded throughout Cuba, the National Electroenergetic System collapses

A blackout is recorded throughout Cuba, the National Electroenergetic System collapses

An electrical blackout throughout Cuba was recorded after 5:57 p.m. and keeps the country in the dark. Official media reported the collapse of the National Electroenergetic System (SEN) from provinces such as Holguín, Las Tunas, Granma, Guantánamo, Villa Clara, Sancti Spíritu and Cienfuegos.

The engineer Lázaro Guerra, technical director of the Electric Union of Cuba, confirmed this Tuesday afternoon on the Mesa Redonda program that there was no electricity service throughout the country.

“The system was working in a complex situation in the western zone with the passage of Hurricane Ian,” he explained. “We had an important load from the western part without service, including Havana, which is a very important load, and in that condition there were relatively high power transfers for the eastern zone.”

According to what he said, “a failure occurred in the lines at the three interchanges”, the two from Matanzas and Guiteras, and the other from Matanzas and Cotorro. The western area had a low load level, which “caused a phenomenon of instability, the frequency rose to very high values, there was a lot of generation and very little load.”

These failures resulted in the system as a whole having a “total zero, that is, there is no electricity service in any area of ​​the country at the moment”

Guerra added that the opposite occurred in the eastern zone: “energy generation decreased to very low values,” which “caused the central-eastern zone of the country to go out of service due to a phenomenon of instability.” In summary, he assured that these failures brought as a consequence that the entire system had a “total zero, that is, that there is no electricity service in any area of ​​the country at the moment.”

“At the moment there is a breakdown in the National Electroenergetic System, they confirm to us from the Technical Directorate of the Guantanamo Electric Company. The province’s circuits are turned off, similar to what happens in other provinces of the country,” public the newspaper overcome on their social networks. “So far the causes are unknown, which are investigated to work immediately on its solution.”

“There is an affectation in the networks of the central region of the country, which has caused a lack of service throughout the territory. Work is being done to gradually restore it. We are awaiting official information for more details,” reportedfor its part, the Perlavisión telecentre.


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