A "Anti-Crane Front" seeks to suspend the vehicle hauling system in CABA

A "Anti-Crane Front" seeks to suspend the vehicle hauling system in CABA

The hauling system in CABA is managed by the companies Dakota and BRD / Photo archive

Buenos Aires legislators from the Frente de Todos, la Izquierda and La Libertad Avanza convened a special session next week to stop the decision of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to extend “for the eighth time” the “controversial” contract of the transport companies of vehicles that have been operating “irregularly for more than 20 years”, for which they formed an “Anti-Crane Front”.

Through a note sent this Friday to the first vice president of the Legislature, Emmanuel Ferrario, from the ruling party Let’s Go Together, the legislators requested a session for next thursdayin order to “deal with the suspension of the haulage service in the City until the situation of the concessions that have expired since 2001 is regularized,” reported the Front of All in a statement.

The haulage system in the city of Buenos Aires is managed by the companies Dakota and BRD.

“Both work with a tender that has been expired for 20 years and pays the City a monthly fee of only 55 thousand pesos, frozen from 2014,” they assured from FdT.

“They have been governing for 15 years and have never shown interest in regularizing this service that annoys all Buenos Aires citizens without having their papers in order,” said Juan Manuel Valdés, of the Frente de Todos.

And he added: “We hope that more deputies will join us so that we can respond to the citizens”.

The request has 28 signatures, but to reach a quorum, 31 deputies are required to be present, three more than those who promised to attend.

Amanda Martín, from the Left Frontexplained that his block, in addition to requesting the derogation of the concession, presented a project that raises the “challenge of the hauling system” due to the “obvious uncontrolled business behind it.”

And he added: “We question the metered parking system, we even contemplate that what is collected be allocated to the underground network and we request control commissions, the investigation of these businesses.”

For its part, Eugenio Casielles, of Federal Consensusexpressed: “It seems ridiculous to us that businesses such as hauling are sustained, which are a scourge for all porteños.”

Ramiro Marra, of Freedom Advancesaffirmed that “in the towing service there are basic rules of the City that are being breached”.

Signatories of the different blocks

From the Left Front, Amanda Martín, Gabriel Solano and Alejandrina Barry signed.

For the Front of All, the note was signed by Alejandro Amor, Javier Andrade, Matías Barroetaveña, María Bielli, Lucía Cámpora, Maia Daer, Ofelia Fernández, Caludio Ferreño, Berenice Iañez, Juan Pablo Modarelli, Victoria Montenegro, Claudio Morresi, Claudia Neira, Cecilia Segura, Manuel Socías, Magdalena Tiesso, Juan Manuel Valdés, Laura Velasco and Franco Vitali.

Meanwhile, legislators Oscar Zago, Ramiro Marra, Lucía Montenegro, Leonardo Saifert and Rebeca Fleitas signed for La Libertad Avanza.

Eugenio Casielles, from the Consenso Federal monobloc, close to La Libertad Avanza, also signed.

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