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A 11J prisoner, hospitalized urgently for severe chest pain

Ángel Serrano, 11J, preso

Havana Cuba. – The protester 11J Ángel Serrano Hernández was urgently hospitalized on April 28 due to severe chest pain, he told CubaNet via telephone another political prisoner held in the Combinado del Este penitentiary center, in the island’s capital.

According to this source, who asked not to reveal his name to avoid reprisals, Serrano Hernández could have suffered a pre-heart attack.

During the call, the prisoner also denounced that most of the 11J protesters are extremely stressed (as is the case of Serrano Hernández). The causes of the tension are multiple, from the mere fact of being imprisoned without having committed a crime, to the unfair sentences they have received after expressing their dissatisfaction with the lack of freedoms and basic and essential goods such as medicine and food, and with the urgent need for fair wages to achieve a decent life as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The source expands that another no less important cause of this stress is the mistreatment, humiliation, coercion and other abuses perpetrated against them by the prison authorities. The prisoner assures that they are threatened, monitored and their telephone calls are controlled to prevent them from communicating with independent journalists and opponents and not being able to disclose the arbitrary actions committed against them. They also take away the right to telephone calls and isolate them in a punitive regime when they denounce any injustice.

The prisoner emphasizes that they constantly change buildings and cells. This tactic would have the objective of preventing the emergence or consolidation of cohesion among the protesters and even with other prisoners who might feel affinity with their ideas.

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