85% of newly appointed educators will receive their payments on May 12

Three thousand 280 contest teachers will receive this week the payment corresponding to their respective fortnightly and, even, with the retroactive that was generated due to the procedures that were made for the transfer of items and other procedures.

The National Director of Human Resources, Pedro Urriola, said that 85% of the newly appointed educators will receive their salaries through checks generated by the Comptroller General of the Republic and, currently, the Payment Office of the Ministry of Education (Meduca). classifies and distributes them to the different educational regions throughout the national territory.

15% of educators, who for some reason could not be included in this first payment, will receive it in the second half of May.

Urriola added that in promotions, expired terms and other actions, Meduca carries out the procedures that have to be evaluated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the National Assembly.

According to the educational authorities, collaborative and team work from the Presidency of the Republic, the Comptroller General, with adjustments and exceptions, which are still being worked on at this time, and the Nation’s Budget Directorate, the commitment made is met.

Due to its importance, the procedure for the payment of the competition teachers was sent by Meduca to the Comptroller General, with the request for an exception to speed up the times and procedures required by these documents, to make the disbursement effective in this Month of May.

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