The 5,549 new cases of COVID last week are worrying

8344 new cases of Covid 19 and 12 deaths in the last week

In the period from 05/15/2022 to 05/21/2022, 8,344 new cases and 12 deaths were detected in the country with
positive result for COVID-19. From the start of the pandemic to 05/21/2022 there are 916,388 cases and 7,227 deaths with a positive result for COVID-19.
The active cases until 05/21/2022 are 7,606.
During the week, a total of 36,533 tests were carried out and the percentage of positive cases was 18.8%.
As of 05/21/2022, there are 2.4% of ICU beds occupied by COVID-19.
To date, 7 people are hospitalized with positive COVID-19 in the department.
4 in a private provider room.
1 in CTI from a private provider.
2 in the public provider room.

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