82% of Venezuelans ask to judge opponents

The most recent Hinterlaces survey, within the framework of the Monitor País corresponding to March 2023 on the fight against corruption, indicates that 82% of Venezuelans believe that the political leaders who requested sanctions and blockades against Venezuela should be tried for corruption.

Likewise, the survey indicates that 65% of Venezuelans approve of the creation of the National Anti-Corruption Policewhich was established by President Nicolás Maduro in 2014.

When asking the survey to what extent do you consider that corruption aggravates the economic crisis in the country? 89% of the participants considered that corruption aggravates the economic crisis, and 29% affirmed that they were “very informed” about the serious acts of recently denounced corruption, in which senior officials are involved in the Judiciary, in the oil industry, as well as in some of the country’s mayors’ offices, as well as various businessmen.

The study presented by Hinterlaces carried out 700 direct interviews in homes throughout the country, which was carried out on a stratified and random sample with a margin of error of 4%, which gives great solidity to the results of the aforementioned pollster.

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