79% of older people affected by domestic violence in 2021 were women

79% of older people affected by domestic violence in 2021 were women

The data showed that half of the older women suffered abuse from their sons and daughters.

79 percent of older people affected by situations of domestic violence during 2021 were women, according to a report by the Office of Domestic Violence (OVD) of the Supreme Court of Justicebased on an increase in the total number of complaints received that year compared to 2020, was officially reported.

In the framework of World Elder Abuse and Mistreatment Awareness Day, which will be commemorated this Wednesday, the report “Older persons affected by situations of violence. Year 2021”, presented by the OVD also revealed that, of that 79 percent of older women affected, 67% were between 60 and 74 years old and 33 percent were over 74.

Also, the data showed thathalf of older women suffered abuse from their sons and daughtersproportion that it increased among those affected older than 75 years (64%).

Also, 56 percent of victims cohabited with the person denounced at the time of presentation.

The OVD handled 824 complaints last year of older people affected by acts of domestic violence, 35% more than the 804 in 2020, according to the report of the Court organism, and that are equivalent to 7% of the total: 11,579.

The report also showed that, in the total number of cases in 2021, men were the main aggressors, by 65 percent, and that 71 percent of the people reported were between 22 and 59 years old.

On the other hand, the data showed that six out of 10 people affected suffered daily or weekly violenceand that 119 of them had some type of disability.

Meanwhile, according to the survey, there were different types of violence: in 97 percent of cases, psychological; in 49 percent, environmental; 46 percent physical; 42 percent symbolic, and 38 percent economic-patrimonial.

In response to these complaints, civil justice ordered 2,226 protection measures, among which the granting of 209 warning devices is included; the disposition of 470 approach prohibitions and 454 contact prohibitions and, in some cases, the exclusion of the reported person’s home.

Of the complaints received at the OVD, 99.8 percent of the cases were referred to the National Civil Justice, 9 percent to the National Criminal and Correctional Justice, 4 percent to the GCBA Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Criminal Jurisdiction, while 67 percent were referred to the Porteño Protect program.

In addition, guidance on free legal sponsorship services was provided in 92 percent of cases, and health services in 50 percent.

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