Mujer de 70 años se habría autosecuestrado para extorsionar a su hija

70-year-old woman would have kidnapped herself to extort money from her daughter

It was a setupthe apparent kidnapping of an elderly woman who was thwarted by police officers last week in the municipality of Villa AltagraciaSan Cristobal province.

This was reported by the National Police through a statement, where it indicates that the 70-year-old woman and the two men are accused of planning a “self-kidnapping” with the intention of extorting 2.2 million pesos from the daughter of the alleged victim.

“After the plot was exposed and whose rescue of the alleged victim was captured on video and then viralized on social networks and the mediathe police investigators and the Prosecutor’s Office of the aforementioned jurisdiction, deepened the investigations and They established that it was a “self-kidnapping”“said the uniform.

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Police added that the trio was arrested (Mrs Delsi Esperanza Hernandezthe alleged kidnapped; Yorvy Sotothe alleged kidnapper, and Robert De Jesus Reyeswould be in charge of collecting the ransom money) and will be brought to justice in the next few hourss, via the Public Ministry.

According to the chronological summary of the case, prepared by the Kidnapping Investigations Department, attached to the Central Investigation Directorate (DICRIM), a daughter of the alleged victim appeared before the National Police to report that on Thursday, October 20, she had received a phone call from her mother’s cell phonea resident of San Cristóbal, where a man told him that his mother was kidnapped and tied up in a car.

She added at that time that the stranger told her to remain calm, while warning her not to inform the police about what was happening and that, to free their mother, they had to seek the sum of 2,200,000 pesoswhich should be delivered in the early afternoon of the same day.

It was thus that, after an arduous process of interviews, descents to the area where the event occurred, among other actions, members of the National Police Kidnapping Investigations Department, with the support of agents from the Bonao Investigations Subdirectorate and from The Preventive Police moved to the vicinity of the San Rafael road, located next to the Circunvalación de Santo Domingo avenue, Los Alcarrizos municipality, where they arrested Yorvy Soto.

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East, At the time of his arrest, he was alone guarding the allegedly kidnapped ladywhich was untied and with her cell phone in her hands inside the Kia Brand vehicle, Model K5, white, license plate No. A761898.

individual responsibility

The detainee, Yorvy Soto, when questioned, freely and voluntarily commented that everything that happened in this false kidnapping was planned by the victim and Mr. Roberto De Jesús Reyes.of whom he said that they induced him to participate to help him pay a debt that he supposedly has for matters related to witchcraft issues that, according to him, had been thrown from his mother, and that, if he did not deliver the sum of 357,000 pesos on a fixed date, she would die.

He affirms that he did not know the amount that Mrs. Delsi Hernández had requested from her relatives, however, he adds that they had agreed that, of the money that was being requested as payment for the ransom, the victim and Mr. Roberto were going to give him the aforementioned amount. .

In that same order, he was also presented before the Public Ministry, Roberto De Jesús Reyes, who was the person in charge to collect the money they wanted to get from the ransom.

As to the alleged kidnapped, Delsi Hernández, could not evidence any trace that indicates violence or mistreatment against her. The reports and testimonies of the detainees indicate that they were helped to coordinate and/or plan the way in which they would achieve their objective.

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