Ortega's "Proof of Life" of Political Prisoners Evidences the Effects of Solitary Confinement and Isolation

69 days incommunicado, they demand visits to political prisoners

The political prisoners imprisoned in the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, are serving 69 days under a regime of incommunicado and isolation. Opposition organizations demand that the dictatorship allow family visits to verify the health and physical condition of the detainees.

The Blue and White National Unity (Unab), the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy (ACJD) and the Renovating Democratic Union (Unamos) spoke out in favor of the political prisoners and denounced the regime’s refusal to carry out a regular calendar of encounters between the hostages of conscience and their relatives.

“It has been more than two months in which the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship has not allowed family members to visit all the political prisoners in El Chipote. In those two months we do not know the health status of all those people who decided to go on a hunger strike to demand their rights, to demand better treatment and to be able to see their children,” said Luis Blandón, director of Unamos in a video released by the political grouping on Twitter.

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The political prisoners on hunger strike are Miguel Mendoza and Róger Reyes, the peaceful protest is to be allowed to see their daughters. Since they have been in prison for more than 15 months, they have not had any kind of contact with their little ones.

“The political prisoners in El Chipote are subjected to a regime of isolation and incommunicado detention. For more than two months their relatives have had no information about them. We demand that they allow visits regularly, as established by law. #LibertadYa », Unab published on her Twitter account.

Dora María Téllez and Irving Larios are also on a hunger strike. Both demand an end to the incommunicado and isolation regime. In addition, they should be allowed reading material and specialized medical care for the illnesses they suffer from.

“Regular visits to those deprived of liberty is a legal right, denying them that right constitutes yet another violation of human dignity by the Ortega Murillo dictatorship. Freedom Now! », published Unite.

“We demand the freedom of all prisoners and political prisoners. It is an issue that all Nicaraguans have been demanding during all this time. We are concerned about the situation in which all these people in El Chipote may find themselves. We are going to continue raising our voices so that they can have freedom,” added Blandón.

On the other hand, the Civic Alliance demanded that the dictatorship respect the right of political prisoners to receive visits and meet periodically with their relatives.

Roger Reyes, Suyen Barahona and Miguel Mendoza are some of the political prisoners who deny them the right to see their sons and daughters. Photo: Article66.

“Today marks 69 days that political prisoners do not receive visits from their families. We demand that the right to receive visits and communicate with their family be respected while they are released. They are innocent! “Wrote the Civic Alliance on their social networks.

The Mechanism for the Recognition of Persons Political Prisoners counts 219 hostages of conscience until September 2022, 50 people of that total are captive in “El Chipote”, under cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

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