61.7% of the employed population earned up to $65,000, according to the Indec

61.7% of the employed population earned up to $65,000, according to the Indec

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61.7% of the employed population received some income, an average of $66,552, in the second quarter of the year, in the midst of a improvement of distribution, according to the Gini coefficient, and a growth of 6.9% of the economyreported this Thursday the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec).

In its “Income Distribution” report, INDEC also stated that the poorest 10% of the employed population accounted for 1.5% of total income, while the richest 10% accounted for 29%.

Regarding the employed population, the INDEC reported that an average income of $66,604 and a median income of $53,000 were recorded.

The Indec also reported that the average per capita income of the population, regardless of whether they are employed or not, reached $29,137, while the median per capita income was $31,125.

Meanwhile, the greater equity was reflected in the Gini Coefficient, a mathematical relationship that has “0” as the level of greater equality and “1” with the greatest imbalance.

Thus, the Gini Coefficient of people’s per capita family income reached a value of 0.414 points in the second quarter of the year, against 0.434 in the same period in 2021.

Is improvement in income distribution it occurred in a 12-month period in which inflation was 64%, the Salary Index increased 45.3% and economic activity rose 67.7%.

In this scenario, unemployment stood at 6.9% in the second quarter, against 9.6 in April-June 2021, the agency reported.

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