6-0: Brazil crushes Peru before facing Paraguay in the semifinals

6-0: Brazil crushes Peru before facing Paraguay in the semifinals

The Brazilian team crushed with a 6-0 this Thursday to Peru on the last date of B Group of the America Cup female, which is disputed in Colombiain a great display that further raised his favoritism before meeting in the semifinals with Paraguay.

Those led by the Swedish coach Pia Sundage they did not disappoint. Highly they closed the first phase with another brilliant presentation, a pulse between David and Goliatto make a perfect score: 12 out of 12.

The great candidate for the title was relentless with the most fragile team in the tournament, from which he left Peru without scoring and with 18 goals against, despite putting heart into his farewell.

It was a monologue from start to finish for Canarinha, which had most of its starters on the bench. The superiority was so overwhelming that at 38 seconds he was already winning the commitment in the stadium Paschal Warrior, from Cali, with annotation by Duda. Then came the many Duda Sampaio, Geyse, and Duda Santosto later fit two more with Palermo and Adriana.

Faced with the confusion of the Inca team, who could never get hold of the ball and suffered with intensity and speed from their rival, the auriverde steamroller played at will.

It was a hurricane from the start, with geyse dominating the right wing, from where he launched the center that allowed Duda to open the scoring before the first minute was up.

The feast of the auriverdes could have been greater, but aim was lacking and some pieces of the Inca group fought, such as Nahomi Martinez, Grace Cagnina and the goalkeeper Maryory Sanchezwho recorded a pair of saves before Sampaio’s goal came in the 17th minute.

The stopped ball was another headache for those led by conrad flowers. Thus they were violated over and over again, even Fernández scared with a post blow, while her companions Geysy and Kerolin They also had their chances.

Later Geysy He vindicated himself by getting the 3-0, when he arrived free in the area at 42, to begin to shape the win, to which Duda Santos added his penalty goal two minutes before the break.

The torture did not end for the Incas in the second half. Brazil went for more and began to enter some of his figures, such as Tamires. But it was Palermo that took advantage of the weak aerial football of the rivals and scored the fifth goal with a header at 48. And two minutes later Adriana took charge of taking a penalty and widening the score with the sixth goal.

Nothing to lose, Peru tried to progress and get closer to the goal, but did not manage a direct shot on goal, while the Brazilians lowered the intensity a bit, without stopping insisting on the goal of Sanchezwho suffered in every duel that her teammates lost.

Already for the auction, the Canarinha wasted very clear options, one with Kerolin after sending the ball over, and another with Tamireswhich failed in the definition.

After giving away another task, this time in the city of Cali, Brazil will get fully into the semifinals, instance in which it will be measured next Tuesday against Paraguay in the stadium Alfonso LopezBucaramanga.

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